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One Million Steps for Kumi by Elspeth Robinson

Day Four of our challenge and enthusiasm is hotting up! My first three days' total is 32,906 so it looks like I can have a day of rest soon! How different it is walking through our green English woods and by our rivers from our "footing" in the Kumi fields with the sun beating down relentlessly on our heads. No little children clambering for a finger to keep you company and definitely no walking just for the sake of it.

Here at home, we should be preparing for our Open Day on Saturday to raise funds for KCF but, due to COVID-19, it is cancelled. After days of perfect English summer weather, as usual on the first Saturday in June, the clouds have gathered and the temperature has dropped dramatically with rain forecast for Saturday. So walking is a good alternative for raising our desperately needed funds.

Our big news this week is that we have succeeded in our grant application from ADAPT, the international section of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. We now have £500 to spend on supporting the staff of Kumi Hospital and the inpatients in their much needed food and hygiene supplies.

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