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Today the Kumi Community foundation would like to introduce you to another amazing member of the Ugandan team.

Ruth Atim

Outreach Worker.

Ruth trained in community

based rehabilitation ( CBR)and lives in Soriti with her son, Chris.

Ruth tells us how she became involved with the charity.

“How I first met Elspeth was along way back in 2002 through another white Italian physiotherapist called Regina , she also worked for Kumi Hospital and was the founder of the CBR programme, since up to date , 18 years now ! Elspeth has been so hard working and and very supportive towards CBR programme Kumi Hospital , through Elspeth we were introduced to Lynne and Michelle and other more supportive friends ! Thanks Be God for that today we have a charity ,God bless you all.”

Ruth’s dedication to her patients is amazing and the trustees are very grateful for all the hard work that she does throughout the year.Thank you Ruth x

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