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Day 6 of our walks for the month of June I didn't want to have my walk today as the weather has changed and we are back to wind, rain, hail and such cold temperatures. Even snow has been forecast on the north of Scotland June! I don't like to be defeated so I donned my boots, gloves and winter anorak and embarked with my Nordic walking poles to the nearby river bank, along the paths and round a disused reservoir. The clouds were dark and ominous and hung thickly in the sky; the wind blew fiercely. Day 4 and 5 were not much better and yesterday, (Day 5), I was caught in the full force of a hail storm with the icy stones stinging my face. Will the remaining June days improve? I sincerely hope so! I am up to date with my steps quota but lagging well behind some of the team. Today I may manage 9,000 steps making a total of 65,010 since Monday. Today, we should be busy with our Open Day which is cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus so I suppose it's a relief not to have a house and garden full of visitors in this weather.

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