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Aaron’s Story.

Kumi Community Foundation is proud to update you on the work of our KCF team throughout the year!

Aaron's story starts when his mother brings him to the Soroti Care Centre which Ruth and her volunteers run tirelessly and enthusiastically. More and more mothers and grandmothers are becoming familiar with the work of KCF and we can do so much thanks to our supporters here in UK and beyond.

Ruth referred him to the rehab department for assessment by Antony, the hospital physiotherapist, who sent her to the Orthopaedic Workshop to be fitted by Benjamine for a new limb. These are sent from India by Rotary Jaipur who is linked with Rotary Godalming among other Rotary connections and who have helped KCF to fund the last load. Aaron, now an in-patient, was taught how to walk with a walker and then without any support and he was discharged home last week. Of course he will grow and will need to be re-assessed as necessary.

KCF is planning to send out a 40 foot container to Kumi Hospital in the next few months and so we are searching far and wide for donations of wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility aids. This is a huge undertaking but we are determined to succeed! Can you help us please in our mission?

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