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Clock it up for Kumi A virtual Walk



24 MAY 2021

We have reached Tripoli in Libya with a surplus of 50 miles to carry forward. The temperature today is 24 degrees C which makes it tempting to linger a while. Next stop is Ajdabiya, still in Libya, and we are needing a further 500 miles to arrive there. Thank goodness this is a virtual walk otherwise we would have to adjust our travel plans accordingly.

“The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advise against all travel to Libya. This advice has been in place consistently since 2014. If you’re in Libya against this advice, you should seek to leave immediately by any practical means. All travel to, from and within Libya is at the traveller’s risk. Local security situations are fragile and can quickly deteriorate into intense fighting and clashes without warning.”

A few years ago, I had an interesting conversation with our driver when out on fieldwork.

Peter: “We will be at war with Libya soon.”

Me: “Why?”

Peter: “Because when Uganda starts taking oil from our oilwells, Libya will not be happy for us to take their oil.”

Me: “Why?”

Peter: “Because their oil will drain down from their wells to our wells!”

Quite a reasonable assumption when one’s perception of north/south and the effect of gravity were not explained by the schoolteachers.

We don’t have news of new GF children being admitted to Kumi Hospital this week but this does not mean our team has been idle. Peter who received surgery was still in the ward and in pain.

Please keep up with the walking, cycling etc and do let us know how many miles you have covered in the past week. Remember that every mile counts!

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