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Do you have any unwanted Wheelchairs hidden in your garage or shed?

KCF wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year and may 2024 prove to be a success for all!

KCF has started as we mean to continue with already about twenty of our children receiving surgery this week. The Dutch orthopaedic surgeons will work tirelessly in the Kumi Hospital theatre throughout the week as our team continues to identify more and more children on our KCF outreach days.

The orthopaedic workshop is busy making wooden CP (cerebral palsy) chairs for the babies and toddlers. I often think that surely we will run out of those in need but still they are there to be identified and in need of our support. Our waiting lists lengthen by the week and our target is to reduce them significantly.

About one hundred of our children and adults await wheelchairs and this is where we need your help! PLEASE DO YOU HAVE ANY UNWANTED WHEELCHAIRS AND MOBILITY AIDS AND NOT FORGETTING BABY BUGGIES WHICH ARE CLUTTERING YOUR HOME AND YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM? YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE THAT SO MANY END UP IN SKIPS WHEN THEY CAN CHANGE A LIFE IN KUMI. WE PARTICULARLY NEED CHILDREN’S EQUIPMENT PLEASE! Condition of the chairs isn’t important as the workshop can renovate them or use them for spares.

We intend to send a 20’ container later in the year and, so far, we have been offered equipment from nursing and care homes as well as households but we need more!

The present situation in the Middle East may disrupt our plans but we pray that a peaceful outcome to the unrest will be soon.

Jacqueline's mother substituted a plastic bowl so that she could sit. We provided her with a wheelchair and found, in spite of her spina bifida and hydrocephalus condition, she was a bright girl and so she was admitted to a local primary school. Her younger brother would push her and she would learn to socialise with other children in stead of being isolated every day, week, year in her home.

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