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The Kumi Community Foundation would like to introduce you to Harriet Aluka,our Team Leader in Uganda.

Harriet graduated from Mbale Islamic University

in Social Work. She is married to Henry and has a two little boys called Robinson and Carl.

Here are a few words from Harriet about how she became involved with charity.

I met with Elspeth Robinson in November 2006 when l had just started to work with Kumi hospital. She is a retired physiotherapist who has a passion for children with disabilities and the less fortunate. In 2010 l started working closely with her. Being a team leader. Her interest is on community based rehabilitation of person's with disabilities. For them to lead a holistic life through surgery, provision of assistive devices, income generation activities, education, provision of houses and Afripads to girls. with the support from partner organisations like wheels for the world and interplast UK and individual donors with the support of Elspeth, they have helped the children. Elspeth has further introduced other colleagues too. Hellen, Lynne Mosher, Lynne Williams, Michelle and Lynne Fletcher to form charity called Kumi community Foundation to continuously support the children with disabilities . Her love for the children with disabilities in Uganda, especially Kumi has made her to continuously come to Kumi, despite her age and family ties, we are grateful for the passionate love ...wishing Tata God's blessings and the entire KCF board


The Charity would like to thank Harriet for all her hard work and continued support of the charity and the people of Kumi, Uganda.

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