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John Jeffries, a hero in very many ways.

The Kumi Community Foundation would like to say a big thank you to Mr John Jeffries for his recent donations to the charity. John is a World War 2 veteran who parachuted into Arnhem in 1944 and became a POW until May 1945 John is soon to turn 98 and has been celebrating by having several parties with family and friends. Instead of having gifts for his birthday John asked his guests to donate to a young man called George Okurut who you may have read about recently in one of Elspeth Robinson’s post. George is a carpenter but didn’t have any money to buy tools so was unable to earn a living. Both George and his wife have a hearing impairment and are unable to verbalise. Life is very challenging for them in Uganda. Thanks to the donations George is now able buy tools to work. John’s very generous act is so typical of the lovely man that he is. His smile is so infectious and he is a hero in very many ways . Thank You John x💕

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