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July 2019 Update

I'm taking a rest now the Open Day and the June Sunday coffees after Mass are over, Harriet is on Maternity Leave for a while longer, but Ruth continues to find more and more children in need of care and surgery.


1. Antony, KH Physiotherapist, treating a Cerebral Palsy baby who Ruth identified in an outreach clinic.

2 & 3. Antony returns to the home of brain damaged boy to construct parallel bars from local materials to enable the child to stand and walk.

4 & 5. Prossy, a post polio paralysis amputee, receives her sewing machine from Ruth.

6. Letter of Appreciation from Janet, Headteacher at Adesso Primary School, for funding the volleyball teams to attend the annual tournament in Entebbe.

These children attended an outreach clinic with their parents and have been referred to Kumi Hospital for assessment by surgeons and rehab team.


Photos explained by Ruth: 1. The Dentaid team working with its portable clinic

2. "I know we shall have some work in October for our plastic surgeons"

3. Sam with two of the Dentaid team visiting Nyero Rocks.

4."Baby 2 month born with the swelling"

5. Boy with a neglected club foot for orthopaedic assessment. 6. "Our friends who need wheel chairs"

7. "Also this kid will need cp chair" 8 & 9. "Malunion after an accident we shall try to support this kids for surgery"

The Dentaid mission went well with Sam Wauju organising the Kumi camp with two clinics. He then continued with the team to Tororo for further dental clinics.

Photos from Sam: 8.

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Dear Kumi Community Foundation; a baby with cleft lip or palate should not wait for a team to fly to Uganda - free surgery and transport refund is available at CORSU Hospital in Kampala. The mother can board a bus tomorrow and will be given food, bed sheets and nutritional rehabilitation for the baby. I will send you their contact in an email.

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