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A quiet month until the end of August when we heard the news that Kumi Community Foundation is now registered with the Charity Commission as they are satisfied that we are worthy of the status. It's thanks to our Trustees who have worked tirelessly over the summer with completing the forms, designing the logo but now we need to open a suitable bank account, register with the Inland Revenue to enable us to claim Gift Aid on donations and to open a JustGiving page. Hopefully this will boost our fund raising efforts as our demands increase by the month. Lynne Williams' Prosecco and Nibbles evening for KCF was a great success with friends and family raising over £500.00 with a raffle and bottle tombola as well as the sale of goods all with a Ugandan theme. Her elephant door stops were in huge demand! Ruth has not been idle and has identified children who have been admitted to Kumi Hospital, undergone their surgery and we now await their discharge and the receipts so that we can be refunded by a very generous donor. I can rest assured that Ruth Atom has many other families for us to visit next month, all of whom will want rehab or help with mobility as she knows exactly who can be helped. There will be enough for us to tackle for a good six months as I know her too well! I have details of the Dentaid mission in Kumi where 46 Kumi Prison patients had 23 extractions, 7 fillings, 12 scalings making a total of 42 treatments. The Kanapa outreach clinic saw 120 people and 117 patients had extractions, 2 had fillings and 1 scaling. There were no fluoride varnishes. The total treatments for the Ugandan people who attended the Ugandan Mission was 1080. On leaving Kumi, Sam Wauju, KH dental officer, was given permission to remain with the team for further clinics. We thank the Dentaid team for their dedication to their work and KH for encouraging Sam to develop his knowledge and experience by working with UK dentists. Well, we can now say we will be in Kumi next month.Packing will be a nightmare as I already have two suitcases at their 23 kg limit and at least another 4 loads piled high on my spare beds! That is without our personal packing which is minimal as usual.

Lots to write for our October update as preparations intensify...

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