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There is no easing off for the Ugandan team on the ground as they continue to help these families in need. Yesterday, 12 August, they set off with the vehicle stocked with posho, beans, sugar, salt and soap (all very much the basic foods and definitely no goodies) as well as two new infrared thermometers for checking the people and a lady whose prosthesis needed adjustment in Soroti Town. It was to be a busy day with 173 patients assessed and a treatment plan worked out whenever possible. The food parcels and soap were distributed to the grateful mothers. Four children were found to be seriously malnourished and so the mothers were given transport money so that they could be admitted to Kumi Hospital Nutrition Unit where they will receive medical attention as well as a feeding programme with all costs settled by a couple who send regular funds for the Nutrition Unit. A small child with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus was referred to CURE Hospital in Mbale for urgent attention and the mother was given £!2.50 transport money. (The cost of public transport has risen sharply during the pandemic due to the limited number of passengers allowed in the vehicle.) Another Spina Bifida child presented with pressure sores caused by the lack of sensation and unawareness of the sores. Hygiene management was given to the mother. Earlier in the week, Ruth had identified a child and wrote these words: Ruth: "Greetings from one our clients who received cp chair and soap and salt called okurut John Francis 2 and 6 months I am really grateful for this wonderful mother , when I first met the mother , she had lost hope on her child , but when I counselled her to understand the condition of her child and she met other mothers and shared experiences and realised she was not only one with a child with cerebral palsy ,other had even worse ! Now she really loves her child and takes care of her child with love This mother's appreciate so much for the service we are rendering to them God bless you and our team" Five tricycles have been ordered for post-polio-paralysis men and women who otherwise spend a life of crawling on all fours. No signs of President Museveni opening the Ugandan borders and any ideas of returning to Kumi later in the year are diminishing. However, it is comforting that the work continues and, for this, we are deeply grateful. Thank you to everyone without whom these families would be left forgotten.

Ten year old child who has outgrown his CP chair and needs a wheelchair

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