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  1. KUMI COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FEBRUARY 2020 DIARYSunday 16 February 2020Well, that was a mistake to leave my client data base till today as it still remains untouched! I can’t believe how the hours slip by with my least favourite occupation once again put to the back of the queue. Prayers as usual except the church now has a PA system so the beautiful music of the local instruments has gone forever and, as I approached the church, the sound of an organ emanating from the keyboard was a huge disappointment to me. The Word of God was spoken into the microphone and multiplied in decibels beyond the comfort zone for me at least! At the end of the service, I left but was followed out by a persistent Modesta who tried to convince me that the people wanted to meet me! Nonsense so I left and went to the hospital to catch up on Christine and Wilson. I found Christine lying outside with her mother who said they had no money left from the sum WFTW had given them. She accompanied me home so that we could help. Her walking was so slow that it would be an age before we reached the GH so I took her by the hand and she had to speed up. She left with a bag of oranges and money for food to last for a week and she was so grateful. Oh dear! Obwongo’s wife, Marjery, and her sister, Elisa, were waiting for me. Two years ago, I took their photo and Elisa is not at all pleased not to have seen a copy so she came wearing the very skirt and scarf for a retake! I don’t suppose I promised to print it off but I must do better this time! Elisa gave me some groundnuts and oranges and I listened to the two of them arguing together but I know not what about! Marjery complained of “pressure and stomach ulcers” so I will get her some drugs from the pharmacy as my last “prescription” of multivitamins worked wonders and my hotel body lotion cured all itching! These occasions are always such a part of my life here and it is sad that I have to spend so much time on the laptop and not with them. Obwongo, riding in with a mass of grass to rethatch his roof, joined them and he announced he was making me a drum! He needed 10,000/= (£2.00) to buy a cow skin. I really don’t want any more drums but I’d rather buy something than give a handout. Brenda aged 12 passed by and offered to help translate for me and then she and her friend came inside to tackle a Wordsearch. The day was filled with visitors with Joseph sitting forlornly muttering “No food, no money” and I am sure this is true. I know him well enough when he is having me on as he has at such times a delightful twinkle in his eye. I promised him soap and salt tomorrow as I shall be buying them in bulk to distribute during the coming week. Obwongo's brother arrived with a plastic bag within a bag and mumbled something I didn't understand. What was in the bag was a green chameleon with revolving eyes which he was so proud of. He thought I was the mzungu who had been searching but it was, in fact, the Wheels team so he was bitterly disappointed when I declined to give him 5,000 UGX for the specimen! One by one, they came and went until, finally, little Daniella came to settle herself down on my veranda to do some colouring while I got down to the spreadsheets. She sang as she coloured but then pointed to my Dobble tin and could we play. No, she would play alone and she must have spent two hours perfectly content with her own company and the cards. My task was completed and I prepared for the start of the week before showering with, guess what? Warm water! My thermometer is frequently reading temperatures in excess of 85 degrees F and the water in the black water tank set up high is warming up. I was invited out to supper in Kumi Town and so I spent a very pleasant evening over the supper table with friends. The football channel was on the TV with Arsenal playing Newcastle and I think Arsenal beat Newcastle 3 -1! Returning back, I found a huge cockroach scurrying into the corner and thank God I had Obwongo’s mingling stick with its long handle close at hand because I was able to thwack it hard as two legs flew off and a gungy mass remained for me to pick up. It is long since I had one of these monsters in my room! Tomorrow is the start of another week and I plan to have more work-related entries in my diary than of late! Good night!

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