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COVID-19: Confirmed 39,883 Deaths: 327 Source: WHO

January has passed, the Presidential election is over and, with what was probably the inevitable outcome, there is yet another four years with no change. Social media was turned off so I thought I would have little to report this month but we have caught up with KCF news. I’ll start off with my personal rice and chicken programmes. Rice: I had contributed towards a rice cultivation initiative and now I am the proud owner of 300kg of milled rice! One bag has been shared out to mothers with children with disabilities in 5kg bags and a second has gone to the Kumi Hospital Nutrition Unit. I have one remaining! It has proved to be a good return on my investment. Chickens: Two chickens I funded for 50,000 UGX have produced many chicks thus enabling some to be sold for 120,000 UGX to buy an adult goat. I am hoping to demonstrate how a couple of chickens can end up as milking cows as well as more goats and chickens. Maybe there will also be an ox or two produced and then we will buy a locally made plough with a yoke and chains from the blacksmith and the land can be ploughed which brings in a relatively good income. Back to KCF activities and the mothers continue to bring their children with disabilities or are malnourished to Ruth. Only this morning, six boda bodas (motorbike taxis) brought the mothers with their children for Ruth to assess. Each one was assessed and treatments arranged. One malnourished child will be taken to Kumi Hospital Nutrition Unit for treatment and nutritional education for the mother. The mothers are also supplied with Afripads and soap as personal hygiene is a serious issue especially in these days of COVID. Children with burn contractures and a couple with cleft palates were registered for the Interplast UK visit whenever we can resume our travelling. The orthopaedic department will examine a child with knock knees and three more with club feet. A man with an above knee amputation came to show Ruth his broken prosthesis and it was agreed that he would go to Kumi Hospital Orthopaedic Workshop for measurement and supply of a new limb. A post polio man who has crawled ever since he contracted polio has been given our last tricycle. We need to order more wheelchairs and tricycles as our cupboard is bare but there are many happy children and adults not to mention the mothers. Ruth has taken Betty back to Madera Primary School for the Blind and Emma back to school together with their requirements. Both needed new mattresses and bed sheets, uniforms, shoes etc. So, KCF is going to have an expensive month but we have been blessed with many donations recently and these allow us to continue to help these families.

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