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5 January 2021 COVID-19: Confirmed 34,281 Deaths: 250 Welcome to 2021 and farewell to 2020! May our “annus horribilis” be far behind us and replaced by an “annus mirabilis”! “Annus Horribilis: Derived from the Latin phrase 'annus mirabilis' - year of wonders (or miracles). Recorded since the mid 1980's but brought into popular use after Queen Elizabeth II used it to describe 1992 - the year that the marriages of her two sons Charles and Andrew broke down and Windsor Castle caught fire.” “Annus Mirabilis: This term was originally used to refer to the year 1666, and today is used to refer to several years during which events of major importance are remembered. Prior to this, however, Thomas Dekker used the phrase mirabilis annus in his 1603 pamphlet The Wonderful Year, "Wherein is shewed the picture of London lying sick of the plague." “. The Kumi news is that Harriet has given birth to Akot Elspeth, a sister for Robinson and Carl, on 23 December 2020 and we wish the family a long and happy life together. A brother’s reaction to the new family member: “Robinson is happy as he has been telling his mum to sell Carl and buy for him a girl since Carl fights him.” Another new baby girl has been baptised “Adriel Elspeth” and this brings the total, I think, to six! Otherwise, Ruth continues with her community work with photos attached of the children she identified in the latter part of December. The parents and children were transported by truck to Kumi Hospital where the Orthopaedic Workshop constructed the mobility items. Two malnourished children were also brought to be admitted to the Nutrition Unit where they will receive medical attention on the children’s Stone Ward and nutritional support in the Nutrition Unit with all expenses paid by KCF. Two sacks of dried milk brought to the hospital by boda boda have also been provided by KCF. Otherwise, these children would be unable to have this opportunity and would undoubtedly become weaker and possibly without a future. Thank you so much for the support! Fundraising at home has continued with our KCF Gift Card appeal and we are delighted to announce that we have raised over £4,300.00 from the sales, way beyond our expectations! So many friends have sent these as Christmas presents rather than the proverbial socks and chocolates. They are still available and, only yesterday, another nine chickens have been funded as birthday presents! Let’s see if we can reach the £5,000.00 total! Chickens, goats, prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs! Our January Newsletter is about to go to print for our supporters with the usual Meet the Team section where the Kumi Hospital physiotherapist, Antony Ongodia, is highlighted. Hannah who lives in North Carolina is our news editor and we are grateful for the many hours she spends designing the letter and also the gift cards.

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