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The night had, indeed, been wet and, on opening the door, I saw the ground saturated in water with so many bedraggled hens paddling in the puddles and pecking and looking decidedly dejected. The roof of their home has collapsed so, like the humans who have to endure a leaking roof, the chance of staying dry overnight are zero.

Stephen Obwongo had found us (it hadn’t taken him long!) and he came bearing a cockerel as a gift from his long-suffering wife. But soon he informed me that his house needed re-roofing as it has done for the past few years, he needs potatoes, his wife has “pressure” and back pain and he also needs a cow hide to make a drum for me which I shall have to pay for! I can set up shop back home now as I have so many!

Two hours were devoted to KCF “administration” as, now we are registered as a charity, we need to develop our financial arrangements which is not my favourite way of spending my Kumi days but it must be done. Xcel should help when we are familiar with the system. A working lunch of basically bread and water brought us to the afternoon which was designated for Adesso sports day.

The teachers were not altogether prepared which meant there were no VIP Board members which meant no speeches and so the afternoon was not so drawn out. The Girl Guides sang and danced for us as they had learnt so much when they had attended the annual GG camp in Kaazi. Volleyball followed with the teams playing with their new volleyball that I had brought. Prize-giving consisted of a trophy donated by English Martyr’s School in Hartlepool for the winning team and Wilko plastic gold medals on a blue, red and white ribbon for the runners up. The Girl Guides returned to the Guest House with us and we showed them the photos and movie clips of last year’s camp and my visit to Adesso School in March.

Frances Okerenyang called and we discussed many issues such as the Catholic bishops’ opinion of married priests and the lack of priests available for the diocese. Haven’t I heard this somewhere before? No sooner had he made a move to leave and, with our supper waiting on the table (we were ravenous!), Modesta hobbled in with her wounded limbs following a fall off a boda boda. We advised her to keep her joints moving so that they wouldn’t stiffen up but she found it so painful.

Just the three of us had supper together: delicious ebor and Irish while the other two also had stewed goat meat.

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