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Andrew Thwaite , Master Chocolatier from York, gave a great presentation at St Augustine's Parish Centre and told us his background to a captivated audience last Saturday.

The afternoon went so well with chocolates made right under our noses which really got the senses working overtime. They were so rich that it wasn't long before our sugar levels had reached their limits and I know I came home not wanting chocolate for a long time - but this was short-lived.

Andrew's donation for the raffle was a half day's experience at the The Yorkshire Academy of Chocolate and Patisserie which is "THE place to go for professional courses, bespoke training, events, team building and kitchen or facilities hire."

A chocolate-themed quiz provided some entertainment with questions like "What part of an Easter chocolate rabbit gets eaten first?" Kumi Crafts were on sale and we found our card payment machine a welcome addition for receiving donations. Lynne thanked Andrew for his talk and chocolates and also everyone who had attended and who maybe were relishing the thought that no supper was required.

A huge thank you to all who raised £1,300.00 to boost our funds!

This amount can help so many families in so many different ways - surgeries, mobility aids, rehabilitation, school fees, nutritional support, income generating projects to give the poorest of families opportunities which they never could have dreamt of otherwise.

We have surely fulfilled our mission to help others to help themselves!

Thank you from the KCF team and the families we support!

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