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Another month of the COVID-19 pandemic and any hopes of us visiting Uganda this year are very remote. However, this does not mean the Kumi Community Foundation activities have come to a halt, on the contrary, Ruth continues to advise new clients almost daily. Donations have been continuing with the “One Million Steps for Kumi” providing much support for the Kumi people. Basic hygiene materials have been given to Kumi Hospital, the in- patients and many of our families with children with disabilities. Here are photos of some of KCF’s activities in July. • Burn contractures. Interplast UK will not be visiting KH this year so these three children will be added to the waiting list. • Six wheelchairs have been delivered to Kumi Hospital for distribution to children recently identified. Photos of the children on assessment and being measured for wheelchairs. • Mothers bringing their children to KH rehab department for assessment and treatment. • One month old baby with club feet being assessed and to be sent to KH for Ponsetti serial plastering. • A brain damaged child who can stand but not walk and so will be given a wooden walking frame made in KH Orthopaedic Workshop. • Food and soap being distributed to those in need. • Two post polio ladies who have crawled on all-fours since they were paralysed by polio who are requesting tricycles. This will keep us going for a while and, here in UK, we shall continue with our fundraising to be able to provide for the items which will improve the lives of these children and their families. The Nutrition Unit continues to receive its monthly donation to provide transport, protein and vitamin-rich foods as well as pay for the very sick whose family cannot settle the hospital bills. Thank you to all those who follow our pages and who generously contribute towards the work of the Kumi Community Foundation.

Uganda COVID-19 Update HIGHLIGHT 26 July 2020 NEW CASES 13 CUMULATIVE CASES 1128 NEW CUMULATIVE ACTIVE 13 115 RECOVERED 4 986 DEATHS 1 2 Updated 26-07-2020 12:00AM

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