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“Uganda has reopened its international borders for the first time since March when they were closed as a control measure against the coronavirus pandemic. The East African country closed its borders to passenger travel even before it registered its first case of CCOVID-19, but continued to allow both land and air cargo.”

International airlines are operational and so Lynne, Michele and I could return as planned but we have decided it is too early to consider taking a long-haul flight and the virus is still too active in Uganda. We shall wait with bated breath till next year. No need for us to worry that our work is not continuing because Harriet and Ruth are achieving great things. New children are arriving for assessment now that more people are becoming aware of our project and I am encouraged to see that the families are routinely checked for their temperature and that the hand washing facilities are in regular use. The mothers are being given soap and are counselled on the necessary precautions they should take. Ruth has distributed five tricycles to the post-polio paralysis sufferers and other paraplegics, Mary Ikarut has been given her new prosthesis made in Kumi Hospital Workshop. Esagu Brian was given a cerebral palsy chair when he was much younger and which is far too small for him so he has been given a wheelchair. Ikalobot Margaret was admitted to Kumi Hospital where she was found to have a low HB and was given a blood transfusion before going to the Nutrition Unit with serious malnourishment. With Rose Ademun’s expert care and a healthy diet, she soon picked up again and was discharged. It is important to follow up with a home visit to assess the living conditions but there is no hospital funding for this and we usually try to visit as many homes as possible during our Kumi visits. Five wheelchairs have been given out thanks to a generous donation from a friend who seems to phone just as we are in need of funds.

Harriet has negotiated with CURE Hospital, the children’s neurological hospital in Mbale, for us to pay an agreed contribution for surgery for the hydrocephalus/spina bifida babies and children who need to be referred. She has arranged for little Aaron, the hydrocephalus child, to go to Soroti Referral Hospital for circumcision as there is a possibility that surgery would not be straightforward.

Back home, we are applying for funding for a new venture for us which would be to provide tailoring training for adults with disabilities or those with children with disabilities. We hope to be considered for Kumi Hospital to be part of Ugandan pilot studies with FREO2 ( Fingers crossed as I say: “You won’t get it if you don’t try”.

I gave a Zoom presentation to Darlington Inner Wheel club and with much surprise when it went almost without a hitch.

We have had our KCF AGM and, without Lynn, our Secretary, and Lynne, our Treasurer, we would never have managed to even get this far so they deserve a resounding clap on the back.

There is no way these children would manage to have any of this support if it were not for our friends and so it is with great gratitude that we say a big thank you or Eyalama Noi!

PS I have attached a photo of the letter I have received from Wilson Okolodong which he wrote four weeks before he sadly died. Last year he fell out of a mango tree and broke his back.

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