Kumi Community Fund Update 3 June 2019

The entry below was yesterday's and we have moved on to an even greater total raised on Saturday. I have spent the afternoon like the king of hearts counting out the money! We can never repeat this year's results as, at present and somehow still rising, we have raised £3615.00! It is with great thanks to all who contributed in many ways to this incredible sum which can do so much and will go directly to the families living in extreme poverty. As they say in Kumi, Eyalama noi!

Our Kumi Open Day was on Saturday and what a day it was! In spite of the BBC weather forecast getting it very wrong, everyone's spirits were not to be dampened by the cloudy skies and odd showers.

The house was filled with chatter and laughter with children scurrying in and out and the tombola and raffle going great gunsl. The cake stall was groaning with produce brought in by so many friends and manned by my loyal friend, Rita, until the last cake and jar of home made jam and chutney had gone. Lynne sold many of her knitted cushions, Aby her Afripads bags kits, framed photos and many crafts she has made, another Lynne but with an "e" on the end of her name had made pictures and place mats from African material I had brought back and Vivian sold recycled greetings cards, a year-round pastime for her where she sells them for 25p each and raises very many £'s during the year. Lots more activities too numerous to mention; Tom's healthy, attractively potted up plants are not to be forgotten. The garden was a picture and reflected Chris' hours spent over the past few months. Darlington and District Soroptimists were constantly dishing out soup, serving tea and coffee and, best of all, washing up the many cups and mugs and keeping the kitchen in order. Chris and Paulo never moved from the BBQ in the garage cooking beefburgers and hot dogs with fried onions and sending the aroma throughout the house so that everyone's taste buds were demanding sustenance. If anyone needed to have a rest, they could watch the Kumi slide show which demonstrated our work in Kumi. A day of joy with friendships renewed and, when the final visitor drove away, it was with some relief that we could reflect on the events of the day with full satisfaction. Linda came to settle herself down with the cash, cheques and money bags and then announced the grand total of £2,647.00 which now has risen to over £2,800.00 and rising! A record for the day! We cannot begin to thank EVERYONE whose contribution has enabled us to help so many living in extreme poverty! Now, we are putting the house back into its normal state for another year. Will we repeat the event yet another year, God willing!

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