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Kumi Update 28 May 2019

Kumi Community Foundation Update 28 May 2019

Photo 1: Simon, the boy with leaves inserted into his deep wound by using traditional medicine following his fall from a mango tree, awaits the visit of the orthopaedic surgeon from Kampala (should be Thursday). He looks better already with a sterile dressing over the wound, don't you think?

Photos 2-4: Photo 5: Oh, Ruth, you find so many children in need of support who are living in the bush in extreme poverty! Yes, they all need our support so much but our resources are limited although we are trying hard here in England. I am writing appeals and surely, when we are a Registered Charity, we shall have lots more opportunities. The forms have been submitted to the Charity Commission but they tell us they have a six month back log.

Last but definitely not least is a photo of Harriet's beautiful new baby boy. Harriet leads the team while we are away so is invaluable to our cause. However, Ruth never stops her dedicated work! Harriet's planning is good as she will be back at work in time for our next visit in October! Our flights are booked, the first step to another month in Kumi and beyond.

The KUMI OPEN DAY is looming for Saturday 1 June and, guess what, the weather forecast looks perfect! Could it possibly change its mind as it is years since our last English summer's day? All are welcome!

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