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Lynne Williams, One Million Steps For Kumi

Lynne Williams is a Trustee for the Kumi Community Foundation and is taking part in One Million Steps for Kumi. Read on to find out how Lynne became involved with the Charity. I first met Elspeth at Able Day Service which is an activity centre for adults with physical and learning disabilities. Elspeth has volunteered at Able for many years. During one of her visits she asked me if I would like to join her in Uganda and do some volunteering with the charity. I was surprised and delighted to be asked. I have been to Kumi four times and I am completely captivated by Uganda and its people, particularly the people of Kumi District. Kumi covers a vast area and many people live in very remote areas. Most villages don't have electricity and water usually has to be carried for miles from water pumps. Poverty and malnutrition is a major problem and midwifery care is limited. Life is challenging enough for the people of Kumi but for those with disabilities it is particularly difficult. There are very many children and adults with disabilities who have no access to the support they need. I have been lucky enough to see first hand the amazing work that Elspeth does in Kumi. She ensure that all of the the money raised from donations goes exactly where it needs to go. Community based rehabilitation is at the heart of the charity and the money is used wisely to buy wheelchairs. tricycles, specialist corner chairs, prosthetic limbs, and many, many other essential items. I have huge admiration for Elspeth and the tireless work she does for the people of Kumi. I am very happy to be involved in One Million Steps for Kumi to help raise awareness of the charity. To find out more about the charity please visit the website To donate to One Million Steps for Kumi click on this link… You can donate using a card or by Pay Pal If you are a UK tax payer please tick the gift aid box to ensure the charity receives a further 25% on top of your donation with no extra cost to you. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to do this. Or you can email the charity secretary on for instructions on safe and securedonations. To see details of the event click on the link below.

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