Today we introduce you to Sam, Dental Officer , Kumi Officer. He is an excellent example of how supporting a child through education can enable them to support their family later in life.

"I met Elspeth in early 2000 as she was looking for people with disability ,so, in my home I have 2 sisters with disability, years after I got an opportunity to be taken to school under her support, I excelled and now I am a dental officer at Kumi hospital.

My brother too was supported up to university level and he excelled as a procurement officer, though its unfortunate that he has got no professional job of his up now!!!, a pitty!!.

The nature of my work is both clinical and public- community work, It involves imparting knowledge to the community on how to improve and maintain oral health through giving oral health education, spot diagnosis and management of manageable conditions in the community.

I used to move with Elspeth and the outreach team to certain communities months ago, where we went to Kiere/Serere district, and Amuria district to a certain church mission and I offered dental services."

Sam is a very valuable member of the team in Kumi and we appreciate all that he does for his patients and especially for his family and disabled sisters. Thank you Sam !!

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