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HOORAY! Team Kumi has completed its challenge for “ONE MILLION STEPS FOR KUMI” throughout the month of June. The four walkers celebrated the occasion with a token stroll in our new polo shirts followed by a picnic in the park but, of course, with social distancing in force. We toasted each other with bubbly and we did not forget walker number five, Hannah, in the USA. The English weather let us down sadly but it did not deter our British determination to endure what we had started. We await our full statistics but I have walked 176.25 miles in 410,654 steps.

During the week, the Richmond North Yorkshire Nordic Walkers resumed their weekly walks with a small group who socially distanced using two poles to measure a good two metres!

Thank you to all who have contributed so generously in helping us provide equipment, hygiene and food supplies for Kumi Hospital and the patients. Now we must plan our next income generator as COVID-19 continues to disrupt our usual fund-raising efforts.

In Kumi, Harriet and Ruth continue with our work within the boundaries of lock-down, bless them. Ashraf, who was born with absence of foot and lower leg and has been one of our children since he was about two years old, had broken his prosthesis which we have regularly supplied since he was about two years old. Benjamin, the Kumi Hospital Orthopaedic Workshop Manager, made him a new limb funded by KCF.

The mother of Engemu James, a 3 year old with osteomyelitis of the lower leg, brought her son for help to Ruth who messaged us to ask if we would be willing to accept him under our care. This can result in lengthy medical attention but, if neglected, the consequences can be dire.

RUTH: “But the history I have at the moment is that his leg got swollen and painful and was admitted in kyere health centre , I & D was done and they were discharged back home but from then , the leg started discharging pus up to date ! They went back for review and they were referred to sorry (Soroti Hospital) for x-ray and they were told he had Infection and needed surgery in kumi hospital but since they didn't have the money to pay for surgery they went back home , finally some body who knew about our program brought them for any possible assistance”

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