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Sam Wauju from "Rags to Riches" (comparatively speaking!)

I have known Sam's family for about 15 years and watched the youngsters growing. They live in a small clearing almost hidden by plantain trees in a very remote area north of Kumi and, with the father being a peasant farmer, they survive on his crops depending on the season. If the rains do not come, then they go hungry.

Sam did well at primary level but his father could not pay for further education and so we have managed to fund him through to graduation as a dental officer. This week, he has held a Dentaid clinic based in the hospital with clinics in Kumi Prison and in a church. The Dentaid team and Sam are now in Tororo continuing with their mission.

My hope for him is that we will be able to continue supporting him until he has reached degree level.

Above: Sam Waujuu at home with his family in Kasodo (far right) had no future prospects when he left primary school and would have ended up in his home earning a meagre living digging as his father has and continuing to live in poverty.

Below: Sam's graduation

Sam: "Your finance has not been wasted, I have achieved a diploma in public health dentistry...thank you so much.

The description of mine for your effort can't exploit all what I feel. But i have to say.

God bless you!"

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