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March Update 2021 By Elspeth Robinson.

Updated: Mar 22, 2021



Elspeth Robinson

11 February 2021

COVID-19: Confirmed 40,464

Deaths: 334

Source: WHO 8 March 2021

I thought I would have no news this month, Covid-19 is improving and the schools are starting to return so what could I write about? My thoughts turned to my early years when I did not understand the culture: the time when, on mounting a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) in Ngora town, the local people burst into laughter and for what, I did not know. I soon found out that I was getting on the back from the wrong side and, as I was riding side-saddle, I was facing into the road which was quite incorrect. I am wiser in so many more aspects but I can still make unfortunate gaffs.

News and photos have been flooding in from the Kumi team and I will be adding a selection of photos rather than giving a detailed account.

About half the photos are added so what started out to be a quiet month has ended up with the motor bikes immediately proving their worth. We are needing to think about new fund raising ideas to boost our funds.

A few weeks ago, one of our donors asked if there was anything we needed and the same day Ruth confessed that her motorbike had been stolen and she had not wanted to tell me. I informed our donor and the next thing was that a cheque arrived which was enough for two new motorbikes with a substantial balance for fuel, maintenance, servicing etc. Antony, the physiotherapist, has been allotted the second bike so that he and Ruth can visit the rural homes of those in our programme and evaluate the home situation.

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