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·Having stepped over the border from Libya and into Egypt, we breathed a sigh of relief only to find continued caution was needed to avoid any conflict we may encounter. The temperature today of 24 degrees C is perfect with its fresh, cool breeze and what nicer than cooling our feet in the Mediterranean Sea!

· Some of the Egyptian food served up isn’t too appetising with liver sandwiches, brain sandwich, stuffed intestine with fragrant rice not appealing to many Western appetites.

This menu sounds more like it: The Foul Fava bean dip comes with tahini and a light tomato cilantro salsa, and the felafel is shaped into round balls!

· “The pride of ancient Alexandria was the great lighthouse, the Pharos of Alexandria, which stood on the eastern tip of the island of Pharos. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the lighthouse is reputed to have been more than 350 feet (110 metres) high and was still standing in the 12th century.

· So, back to the purpose of our walk. Three more children have been admitted for surgery for gluteal fibrosis so thank you for your contributions towards the funding by the Kumi Community Foundation. We hoped to arrange another three next week but President Museveni has ordered a further lockdown as the number of COVID cases has risen dramatically. The schools have closed and all our children will be returning to their villages. This is not good news as outreach fieldwork will have to be put on hold for 42 days after which the situation will be reviewed.

However, our walk will continue as planned and when we reach the Ugandan border, we will hope we can enter.

· Ruth weekly report with photos with titles are attached but I mention Elias being one of Mr Viva’s surgeries :

"This is Elias one of the kids with post cleft lip whom Dr Viva repaired and after he bought him one goat now they have 2 bulls for ploughing and produce enough food for the family , send many thanks for Dr Viva"

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