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Clock it up for Kumi

Just a few more stops on the way now before we reach Kumi which will take about four or five weeks depending on our energy levels and adventurous spirit! If you need to rest, please feel free to hang up your boots as our target has been reached ahead of schedule but I shall continue to send the updates to you. We have not forgotten our reason of raising funds for 35 children with gluteal fibrosis being funded for surgery so we are hoping some of you have collected some sponsorship money. Thank you to those who have already contributed so generously. Next week we will include the methods of payment available.

We never expected so much enthusiasm from so many and, for those who have joined us en route, please take a few minutes to watch this video about Gluteal Fibrosis. This surgical camp was in action during my visit last year and the video portrays our CBR team at work in the field and in the hospital.

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