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The Ugandan Ministry of Health website reports an increase of COVID 19 cases to 11,557 with 101 deaths. KLM are flying, the Ugandan borders are open and so it is possible to travel there but, for Lynne, Michelle and me, we are taking no chances and we will remain at home for a while longer.

Harriet and Ruth continue with their community work while we plan our Christmas Shop which will soon be on Facebook so watch this space!

1. The first two photos are in a community setting and of a 13 year old who will be given a pack of Afripads so that she can attend school regularly.

2. A year old baby born with club feet has been referred to Kumi hospital for assessment for plaster of Paris splinting using the Ponsetti method.

3. Ruth has identified youngsters in need of prostheses

4. Three brain damaged children have been provided with cerebral palsy chairs for them to learn to sit before standing. One has been given a walking frame all made in the Kumi Hospital Orthopaedic Workshop.

5. We have no wheelchairs left in store and this boy (photo and movie clip) will have to wait after which he will be able to attend school. It is so frustrating not to be able to support everybody when we would like to. A happy boy (photo) was one of the lucky ones! Our old friend, Epidu Lawrance, came with the wheelchair given to him in February 2020. Due to his condition of athetoid cerebral palsy and being a strong young man, his violent involuntary movements have destroyed the chair beyond repair. The Ugandan chairs are not strong enough and it is foolish economy to replace like for like so he must wait until we find a stronger wheelchair. He has little choice but to sit in a plastic chair until a replacement is found.

6. The remaining tricycles have been delivered and distributed to the paraplegics and post polios and this will give them a completely new life of mobility and opportunities.

7. The schools have been closed due to the pandemic for many months but candidate students are returning and Ruth has paid Emma’s school fees and provided him with all his requirements for school and his personal needs. Betty, our blind girl, has returned for her final year and will be sitting her Primary Leaving Exams. Then what will she do? We have a plan which I sincerely hope works out. Ruth is a true mother to Betty and ensures she has the right sized uniform and shoes as well as her every need including sanitary protection. It would be difficult for her to have Afripads due to her loss of sight and she can’t expect her friends to wash them so she is given the disposable type.

8. Our clients are provided with bars of soap and advised how important present-day hygiene is.

So a pictorial diary of our work in October and I cannot thank Harriet and Ruth enough for their dedication to these families and to all those who have donated so generously.

PS It is harvest time for the rice and I am looking forward to a share in the end product.

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