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Update on Godsgrace

Godsgrace, a year old baby we identified on a home visit in Kyere, is still hanging on to life in Stone Ward, the children's ward in Kumi Hospital.

A message from Harriet:

"Otherwise God's Grace is not all that better. She is in and out of the ward. Her mother is expecting twins meanwhile. Let's just have her in our prayers."

An excerpt from my diary dated Sunday 17 March 2019

Little Godsgrace was looking so much better than in Kyere and the mother was so grateful for the care her child was receiving. She was to have an abdominal scan tomorrow with the assurance that her hospital bills are to be paid. I asked the mother why she had named the child Godsgrace to which she replied that when she first saw the baby and knew it to be abnormal, she decided on that name. This child aged one year but looking no more than a few weeks old had eyes only for her mother and already looked more human than she did only three days ago. She will never be normal but I can see that the mother will love and care for her no matter what.

Godsgrace 17 March 2019

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